Vinos Guerra

Mission, Vision, Values and History


Vinos Guerra belongs to 850 farmers who take care of the land that bears the fruit of their labour and investment; we transform this fruit into profit for these farmers that they then invest back into their land, helping to maintain and sustain the rural and natural environment in El Bierzo.


We focus on our customers and aim to promote winemaking and the diversity, origin and quality of our wines as drivers for generating income in our local area.


We are committed to respecting the earth, the people who care for it, and ourselves as a highly organised, multidisciplinary, integrated and dynamic culture.



The history of the Guerra family and its drive to develop the wine industry in El Bierzo has already been told by historians, given that Vinos Guerra was founded in 1870 with the launch of its first wine, making it one of the oldest wineries producing and marketing bottled wine under a brand name in Spain.

A forward-thinking pharmaceutical industrialist named Antonio Guerra was able to see the potential of El Bierzo’s vines long before the invention of appellations of origin, architecturally-designed wineries, wine tourism and the poetry on the rear labels of bottles. Applying innovative winemaking and marketing techniques when that term had probably not even been invented, Guerra showed the world the virtues of the wines that were being made alongside the Camino de Santiago (aka St James’ Way).